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Muslims and Non-Muslims alike are invited to attend the educational Islamic funeral workshops offered by Islamic Burial Service Inc in Newark, New Jersey. 

Death is often unexpected, so it is important for Muslims to be familiar with the rules and procedures to be followed in a proper Muslim burial. The rules for preparation and burial of the deceased are very specific and detailed. Our Islamic funeral workshops teach participants about important concepts and details about the funeral and burial. 

Islamic Burial Service Inc provides hands-on practice in our Islamic funeral workshops, so that Muslims in Newark, New Jersey may be prepared to follow the rites of Janazah. These are serious workshops that cover very important topics, including: 

  • Who is Responsible—Females should wash deceased females, and males should wash males with the exception of spouses. It is crucial that the person who is responsible for washing the deceased be thoroughly trained in the correct procedure.
  • Washing the Body—Very specific procedures must be followed to properly wash the body and free it of impurities in this essential aspect of Janazah. 
  • Shrouding the Body—This, too, must be done in a precise and respectful manner. Islamic funeral workshops presented by Islamic Burial Service Inc provide very detailed instruction about wrapping and tying the deceased properly and respectfully. 
  • Prayers and Exhortations—Exhortations should be spoken in a soft, reverent manner. We teach Muslims in Newark, New Jersey, the correct prayers and the manner and time in which they should be offered. We also teach you about their significance and what these exhortations mean.

Islamic Burial Service Inc understands the obligation you have to provide your loved one a proper Muslim burial. 

Our Islamic funeral workshops provide comprehensive training and practice in the rites and rituals of Janazah. Please call for more information.

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